Blue Cloud Farm is a small specialty cut flower farm located in gorgeous coastal South Bristol, Maine.  The farm has grown from less than 1/4 acre in its first year to about 1/2 acre plus a 30' x 72' unheated high tunnel that helps extend the season by an extra month in both spring and fall.  We use cultural techniques such as insect netting to exclude pests from sensitive crops and grow a great diversity of flowers that also attract beneficial insects.  The woods and fields surrounding our leased flower fields may be great habitat for some not-so-welcome garden visitors like deer and voles, yet they also support populations of ravens, owls, hawks, monarch butterflies, songbirds, fox, coyote, and more.  Though we are not a certified organic farm, all amendments, inputs, and occasional sprays used here are approved for organic production.  We truly enjoy providing vibrant, healthy flowers to our super-supportive, flower-loving community! 

Because we have a small workforce and because our flowers are growing on two different areas of leased land, we are unable to schedule farm visits or tours at this time.  Please enjoy the slideshow above for a glimpse into the seasonal cycles of the farm!