Saturday, June 13, 2015

blooms of the early 2015 season

Here's a look at some of what has been blooming in the garden this past month.  It feels great to reconnect with people in the community over flowers at the farmers' market, at the co-op, and while passing on the street in town.  Still psyched to listen and talk with others about the power of flowers, every time.   These conversations and the appreciation of flowers help keep me going during the long days of working to help the flowers grow.


  1. Every flower is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. The best flowers and arrangements!!! Got a $20 arrangement filled with 2 Sunflowers, 2 calla lily, 2 tiger lily and a few other ones. 9 days later they are still alive. My mom loves them. The San Francisco Flower Delivery was so nice and awesome with creativity.