Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sweet peas!
It's been an unusually cold March so far, even for Maine, but with the seedlings getting a solid start indoors and tomorrow's first day of spring forecast for rain and temperatures in the 40s, I'm feeling hopeful.  Here's what some of the little flower plants are looking like today, the last day of winter!
Orlaya's impressive cotyledons
Snapdragons looking forward to being transplanted into bigger soil blocks today
Three successions of stock at one, two and four weeks old
Tiny lavender is the CUTEST
This 10' x 60' caterpillar tunnel is the next destination for the seedlings.  We reconstructed it on Sunday and built a hotbed inside using straw bales and horse manure.  Once the hotbed really warms up in the next few days, I'll move the seedlings out to the tunnel where they'll grow until they can be planted outside in the ground.  Yay for springtime and all the flowers to come!


  1. This made me feel hopeful that spring really WILL come. Fascinating about the hotbed. Some of the seedlings look like they are sprouting from brownies. Heard cold weather is coming back but we'll look to you to give us a peek at spring.

  2. Your caterpillar looks great, Kim! The babies will be looking forward to be in there. I am antsy to get my seedlings outside too. First day of hardening...hope it isn't too soon. Keep up the good process!

    1. Hi Thanh, David was asking about you the other day when he was telling his girlfriend about your kidney bean ice cream. He wondered if you were still mothering oysters. Hope all's well and that you are happy, Love, Robin, Kim's mom

    2. Hi Robin- I am living life to the best, farming veggies and flowers for a CSA program I created here in RI. I have started making soap bars during down time, and love it! Oyster will always be a part of my life, of course. Nick, my boyfriend, owns an oyster farm down here, so I help him out at his farm as well during the warmer seasons. Its allergy season for me right now, but I'm glad that it is happening since it reassures us that Spring is here and summer is promising. How are you?