Tuesday, February 18, 2014

here we go!

The seeds are all here, the potting soil arrived last week, and as of yesterday, Blue Cloud Farm's 2014 growing season officially has begun!
This first round of seeding included: snapdragons, dianthus, stock, eucalyptus, onions, and an aquilegia variety that's supposed to bloom the first year from seed!  Pictured in my hand are little snapdragon seeds.  I'm always amazed when I think of the fact that all the seeds I'll need to fill 1/4 acre with flowers can easily fit inside my mailbox at once.

I'm not trying to rush anything, and have truly been enjoying the snow and cold this winter, but I got pretty excited when I saw this bluebird and its buddies flying around out back the other day.   Warmer, flower-filled days aren't too far off!


  1. How exciting. So glad you use soil blocks. Can't wait to see them bloom.

  2. Hope your season gets off to a good start too!