Friday, December 27, 2013

farm to centerpiece

Seasonally grown flowers and super-inspiring farmer/florists got a great shout out today in this New York Times article:  The Farm to Centerpiece Movement.
I'm super excited that local, sustainably grown, fresh, and seasonal florals are continuing to grow in popularity!  Here's to a 2014 (and beyond) filled with more and more of these vital blooms!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

bulb planting

I took a cue from squirrel this past week and got ready for winter for real (no, that's not a tulip bulb she's nibbling on, just a formerly frozen apple).  The fall planted bulbs finally got in the ground.  Working with the tulips, narcissus, alliums, iris, muscari, and garlic got me all excited for next spring and summer!
The last of the kale from the garden came in.  Two days ago, after looking at the forecast for today's snowstorm, we went out and took down the caterpillar tunnel.  Dealing with this task in windy, partially frozen conditions will help me remember not to procrastinate on this in future years.
I picked a lone stem of anemone from the footprint where the tunnel had stood- a real survivor given the anemones were tilled in at the end of June, the rest of the plants in the tunnel froze a month and a half ago, and I haven't tended to anything in the caterpillar for at least two months.  At the end of caterpillar take down day, I pulled on my new ice skates and we went out on the pond for the inaugural skate of the season!
The real cold came that night (below 0 degrees), and the snow came the next evening to cover the frozen solid ground.  Now that the chilly, dormant season has officially arrived, these gorgeous mini amaryllis are helping me get my flower fix.  Welcome winter!

Monday, December 9, 2013

midcoast meetup

Earlier this fall, the super talented and community-minded Maria Northcott (wedding officiant extraordinire at A Sweet Start) organized the first ever Midcoast Meetup.  Held at the lovely Darrows Barn in Damariscotta, this turned out to be a great evening of meeting and connecting with other local wedding vendors from midcoast Maine.
I enjoyed out-of-this-world pizza from the mobile wood-fired oven of friends at Harvest Moon Pizza while getting to know new faces.  It was so fun to meet people who had worked on different aspects of some of the same weddings I provided flowers for this past season. 
Maria invited me to bring flowers to set out on the tables during the event.  Since we had a milder than usual start to our fall, I still had lots of flowers to harvest from the garden in early October.  I took these first few photos of my arrangements and floral vignettes that evening under not-so-hot lighting.

Luckily for me Erin Little, the ever-creative and inspiring photographer at a love supreme photography, was also there capturing the evening with her camera.  All of the following photos are here courtesy of Erin.

 Many, many thanks to Maria for pouring her love of people, community, and weddings into one awesome event!  It was great to connect with other local wedding vendors in a laid-back atmosphere; I look forward to continuing to cross paths with these folks and their talents in the years ahead!