Sunday, October 13, 2013


This abundant harvest season means lots of work canning, processing, and storing up now so all this food can be enjoyed through the winter.  
Black futzu
Gold nugget
Galeux d'eysines
Though the squash vines at home got frosted, there still hasn't been a frost in the flower field!  I feel lucky to still have fresh flowers to cut this late in the season.
 I'm loving how the smoky lavender and yellow shades in bronze fennel heads unite the blues and yellows in these mixed bouquets.
 Meet some of the newest members of the flock!  Goldie (above) and her three siblings hatched out this July, the two littlest ones directly below are just a week and a half old today, and below them, Buddy and Wheelie (born in late August) are roosting on the back edge of their little home at sunset.


  1. love those black futzu pumpkins. beautiful flowers

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking to bake a black futzu tonight for the first time & am really looking forward to tasting them!