Monday, October 7, 2013

autumn floral workshop

Now I know what happens when making an arrangement using buckets full of fresh flowers from Broadturn Farm, Worlds End Farm, a Massachusetts flower grower, and also have free rein to go out and clip material from the gorgeous surroundings at Snug Harbor Farm.  It is hard to practice restraint.  I want to include some of almost everything.

Yesterday, I went to my first floral design workshop right here in Maine.  Even though this is an unusually mild fall so far and my garden is still filled with flowers, having some different varieties and colors to work with was super exciting!  Part of wanting to use so many different blooms and foliage could have been because I knew I'd get to take these beauties home with me (along with the lovely terracotta pot).
Next time I get to go to a workshop like this, I hope to take more time to walk around and look at what other participants are creating and connect more with some of them-- it isn't too often I'm in a space with a couple dozen other people who have a deep love and appreciation for flowers.
The perfect end to this drizzly day of learning was a stop by Broadturn Farm to walk around and talk flowers for a while with Stacy, fellow flower farmer and also my mentor in MOFGA's beginning farmer program. Then I headed back up the coast with this arrangement riding shotgun.


  1. It's really beautiful! I love the color palette and the design you created.

  2. Thanks Naree! There was such an inspiring mix of materials to work with that day!

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