Friday, August 16, 2013

i love flowers

This beautiful old barn is my flower garden's neighbor.  The barn's presence makes me imagine what it would be like to observe the garden all of the time, and take in everything that happens (and doesn't happen) there.  How hard it would be to just impartially watch; to not judge the flower growers' inability to keep up with the weeds this year, to not cut flowers at their peak for harvest, or to remain still as deer munched their way through sunflowers.  At the same time, the combination of stillness and observation sounds deeply calming and grounding.  I do realize the barn's not actually looking at anything out there, but it got me thinking. 

From the garden this week came the flowers for today's wedding, in a color palate I loved working with.
This is often my favorite view of centerpieces, and not just because it means they're ready to go.  Nestled into their crates ready for transport, you can see all of the different textures and colors at once.