Wednesday, June 19, 2013

magic maine coast

 Sometimes there are moments in the garden that grab me and make me forget for a little while about looking down at the soil and plants.  This happened during a gentle evening drizzle yesterday when the sun sank below the clouds for the first time all day.
Transplanting stopped while I took in the rainbow and the amazing sunset.
 I was overtaken enough to forget that I smelled like fish emulsion and was being bitten by mosquitoes, and to drop my general concerns about this being a challenging spring for plant growth.
 Hearing a loon calling from the river added yet another level of awe to the experience.  What a magical time for seedlings to be tucked into their new home!
Flower farming is really not usually this idyllic, I promise.  That's why these occasional moments get me totally out of my head, fill me with appreciation, and profoundly remind me of the incredible beauty of the place I get to grow flowers and live.

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